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This is how two became one

Before we start: We are so grateful for the opportunity to share a little something about us with you. But there is always more to share, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch in case you have more questions or are curious about something you just read.

This is how we met ...

Sebastian: "In 2013 in August, we had our first date after texting for two days. Christoph had plans for the upcoming weekend. He wanted to visit a friend in Munich. So, I asked him to meet me at the airport before he took off. Sitting outside the airport in front of the taxis, having coffee to go – it was for many reasons definitely one of the most unique dates I ever had.

And it went well. For the second date I picked him up at the airport a few days later . That’s how it started. We’ve been together ever since that first date. Two years later we got married."

Christoph: "We both always wanted to start a family. We even talked about it during our date at the airport. I think it was Sebastian’s 3rd or 4th question. For some this might have been a showstopper at that early stage, but for me it was one the many reasons I fell in love with him."

Sebastian: "In our family I’m the chef. I‘ve loved to cook since I was little. I literally grew up in the kitchens of my family. Cooking and baking are such great activities to do with kids. Food is super important to me, and I am interested in various topics related to it: quality, restaurants, different cuisines, healthy nutrition and so on.

And I am a bit obsessed by cookbooks. My collection consists of around 60. I enjoy being creative, developing new dishes, trying out new things. It is my perfect balance for stressful days in the office.

I grew up surrounded by a very loving family, although my parents got divorced when I was 5. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents and my grandma. This year my grandma turns 82 and let me tell you: she is very curious about meeting her great-grandchild.

I have strong values: be brave, be reliable, and be honest. I think it’s important to always give your best."

Christoph: "Most important to me is loyalty and open communication. I believe that communication is a core value in every relationship and only when you are true to yourself and to what you want, the relation can blossom. I am a bit obsessed with nest building – that started way before we decided to start a family. A cozy home was always super important to me.

Maybe this is because I grew up as the youngest of three and was always cuddled, hearted, and comforted by everyone in my family. So I think a lot about our home and how we can create a warm and welcoming environment. And I love to add some decoration here and there every now and then ...

My mother died shortly after we got married 7 years ago. It makes me sad to know that she will never be able to say ‘hi’ to our child. She always wanted to become a grandmother but died only months after my sister gave birth to her first child. I hope to be able to create an equally loving home for our child as my mother did for me."

Christoph & Sebastian: "We live in a beautiful region in the south of Germany with vineyards, rivers, a lot of nature and charming villages. We live just one village away from Sebastian’s parents. It’s amazing to have family so close. We see each other a lot and do have regular lunch, dinner or coffee dates. We also decided to move close to them to make sure we can take care of them when they get older. And we have our child’s grandparents around and always available for him/her.

Life is short and we always try to make the best out of it. We like to stay healthy with running and to stay flexible with yoga. Being outside is important to us but we also enjoy domestic life and time together at home. We‘ve developed a good balance between our work and life.

Our apartment has a huge garden and we love spending time there. In 2022 we developed some unused space into raised beds to grow vegetables. We started small with some peas, carrots, onions, and pick lettuce. This year we want to grow the experiment a bit bigger. We want to re-use a part of the lawn to create more raised beds to grow more different veggies. It is so cool to see it grow day by day."

Sebastian: "I have a secure job at the Federal Employment Agency where I am a controller for the internal services. A good life-work balance is crucial to me. I am looking forward to spending as much time as possible with our child."

Christoph: "I am a communications expert at a huge bank. I found my professional sweet spot in internal communications. I enjoy bringing employees together, be part of the new work movement and to help to shape how we want to work and communicate in the future. For me these are much greater values then just the profit earned."

Christoph & Sebastian: "It took us some years before we embarked to our journey. Living in a country where same-sex couples have only little chances to become parents, it was out of reach for a very long time. We finally started researching and discovered surrogacy in Canada as our way to hopefully become parents."

This is how our love began but also our way to starting a family.

In our other posts we share more about what we hope to find in you, what it needs to be on the same page, but also about struggles or being LGBTQ+ on this journey.


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