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What we hope to find in you

When we started our journey in late 2020 we did not think too much about what we really expect the journey to be. We were too busy with all the administration, finding a good clinic, research pros and cons, connect with a lawyer, and a lot of things more.

And to be truly honest with you: It is a miracle for us to know that there is a woman somewhere out there (maybe you?) that will be willing to carry our baby. How could we even dare to think about what we would wish the journey to be? Isn't it all about the surrogate mother and how she feels?

Picture by Sharon McCutcheon

Over the past months we realized that it is of course and before anything else super important to make sure that you will feel loved, respected, comforted, supported, and that you will get all the attention and care you need to have a good and healthy time. But we also realized that a huge part of your journey will be the relationship the three of us will establish. So in the end, we all have to feel loved, respected, seen, trusted. We are a team and will have a great time together.

So what is it then what we would love to find in you?

There is a more factual and an emotional answer to it.

The more factual one: We want you to be trustworthy and reliable, healthy, loving, someone that will take care of our unborn baby as it would be yours, someone we can have a great laugh with, who is caring, and who will trust in us and our support although we will not be able to be always around.

The emotional one: We hope to find someone we really bond, where it clicks immediately. Someone we can't wait to be friends with. Someone I think about when I took a cool photo and want to share it. Someone I love to text and don't feel I have to. And most important: someone who feels the same, who wants to communicate, who wants to be part of our life and is open to include us in yours as well.

A relationship that develops organically, without having to force anything. Where boundaries are respected, and where you will get all the love and support you need and we are allowed to be part of the pregnancy as much as possible from far away.

And there is so much more we could imagine:

  • we would love to learn from you and your experience with your own family. You are most probably the very best source to learn how to be good parents.

  • we would love to learn so much more about Canada and its people. Not only now but also later when our child is born. You are our link to its Canadian heritage and we would be so excited to have you take on that role.

  • we would love to have you in our lives for longer then just the pregnancy. We want our child to know how special it is and how it came into our life. You are a crucial part of it and we want you in our child's life.

You see, there is a lot we can talk about when we get the chance to connect. Let's see if it clicks, if we are a good match for each other and want to go on that crazy and emotional and super exciting journey together.

We are ready for it - "technically" with 15 healthy and tested embryos but also emotionally with all the rollercoaster feelings ahead of us all. We really hope to get the chance to get in touch with you, talk about your feelings and wishes and expectations and to find out how the three of us could shape our journey and friendship together.

We are looking forward to getting in touch with you!

Warm regards from Sebastian and Christoph


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