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Your extended family in the heart of Europe

We are in the middle of our journey and currently looking for our perfect match (maybe you?). So it's no wonder that we're thinking primarily about the coming weeks and months. But for us, the journey does not end with the delivery. We hope to call you extended family for the years to come and to have you in our life.

Let's fast forward a bit to the time after the delivery. Choosing us as intended parents probably means that you enjoy exploring different cultures, see and experience something new, that you are curious, and open-minded (we love that!).

So why not exploring Europe and paying us a visit? Did you know that it is just a 5 to 6 hours train ride from us to be in the middle of Paris, Milan, Amsterdam, or Berlin? Or just 2 hours to have coffee in Zurich, Apérol Spritz in Munich, or a tasty Bratwurst in Nuremberg.

But before you start to visit all these amazing spots, come visit us. We would love to host you and show you the beautiful region we live in. The Southwest of Germany is a pretty warm and super divers region. You can spend weeks wandering around the Black Forest, you can hike in the mountains, visit stunning castles, explore famous cities, and enjoy culture and events almost everywhere.

Or we just enjoy what is in direct neighborhood of our home. Stuttgart, for example, the biggest city in the Southwest, with its rich culture, beautiful streets, and fine restaurants. If you are a car enthusiasts you will be happy to hear that Stuttgart is also the home town of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche and does have really good museums about the history of the two brands.

Our town is much smaller and more relaxed. It is surrounded by vineyards and rolling hills and the best thing you can do there is to just let yourself loose. Wander around nature, enjoy the medieval streets in the center or just have a little wine tasting.

You see, there is plenty to do and plenty to see when you will visit us. We are looking forward to it.

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